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I was once told by a spiritual leade

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I was once told by a spiritual leade

Post  MISPLACEDBUCKEYE on Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:23 pm

I was once told by a spiritual leader who was in his white buffalo years with the whitest hair, to be careful what I pray for as I might have my prayers answered in ways that are unexpected. He also told me that the most powerful prayers are the ones when you pray for other beings.

As we sat by his campfire during a Sundance, it was like a magical transformation into the past where life was simple and innocent. It was also a time when all elders were greatly loved and respected.

During these times of the past, we listen with our heart and spirit. This is because we know that one day our elder will not be here sitting across the fire from us. They will be guided back home, into the stars where they came from. When they go, it will be sad for us who are left here on earth but our elder will have a smile on their face. It is because they know that their circle of life is just beginning for them.

This spiritual leader at the Sundance also said a good healer knows when not to have a tug of war with our Creator. Things are meant to happen here on earth exactly as they do. People must experience their trials in order to grow. When a loved one get sick, the spirits from 100 years ago already knew it was going to happen. Their sick one is going through a powerful time. All we can do is love and comfort them. We can also cry and we can also pray.

Please join me in prayer for those who are sick, so that they may join us again as we walk this earth a little further.

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