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Post  sednet1 on Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:22 pm

Info from a general email:
MEGA-DOSE VITAMIN C:  We do it privately. It is made from a mixture of vitamin C sources, all pharmaceutical grade and European Standards, along with an organic rated sunflower lecithin and a small amount of organic pure can alcohol plus a very small amount of calcium gluconate. (Our microencapsulated C has 4 grams/oz -along with sunflower lecithin).  When, so you may want to convert that when looking into the dosages you may see usually given by IV.   Also, my husband,  is a great one to talk to if you are serious about chasing something down as he spends much time studying and researching various topics surrounding the uses of the product.  The product is shipped in Food Grade containers.  For the concentrate, it is the same ingredients as the regular, but you would add your own distilled water to it.  We do ship it around the country and send it priority.
 This has shown great results for us an our family and friends thus far.  We do ask that each person signs a disclaimer and sends it back to us as we are not medical doctors, nor do we treat/diagnose, etc.  

A Dr. Levy is a doctor who has really helped bring the newest form of oral high dose vitamin C in the liposomal/lypospheric form or it is called 'mircroencapsulated' to the forefront.  He is part of a company that makes it for a very expensive price at $1/gram.  We are making it virtually the same with our commercial equipment and not the 'homemade' way people are posting online (which has been argued does not actually make liposomes, or at least 'stable' ones).  Vitamin C has been around in the IV form for about 90 years or so, so most of the 100,000+ published studies are based on taking it in the IV or regular form.  The liposomal is unique in that it has been said to be the most preferred form by the vitamin C doctors.

There is a lot of varied research on a lot of conditions, so here is some that we've looked at that we found helpful:

The Linus Pauling institute and has a good deal of research and articles:

We highly recommend reading some of Dr. Thomas Levy's books, starting with his 'Primal Panacea' book to get a better basic understanding of what the C can do: Also, he talks about Alan Smith in NZ and his amazing recovery story which aired on 60 min in New Zealand.  This is the short 17 min version which is well worth watching: A good video by Dr. Thomas Levy to begin with (plus he has many titles which are all good):
A Dr. Mercola video interview/article:
Some medical studies, etc.:
I've included lots of links so you could read/study as you have time, but please don't feel like you have to look at them all to get started!  They are only included for your information/education as needed.  If you have any questions or concerns, Call  OPTIMUS between 9AM - 9PM at 541-776-7673 in Oregon (9-9 PST).

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