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Post  sednet1 on Fri May 23, 2014 5:33 pm

In Dr. Naessens' research, (Verifying Pathologist William Russell’s work) the "somatid" state is the smallest of the 16 sizes. In this state the microbe is virtually indestructible!! Several other researchers have also identified this state of the cancer microbe but have called it a different name (e.g. microzyma, bion, protits).
Since 1890, many other cancer researchers, from Dr. Royal Rife to Dr. Virginia Livingston (and her co-workers) to Dr. Gaston Naessens, have known that cancer was caused by a microbe. All of them knew that the cancer microbe was inside of the cancer cells. While the microbe can also be outside of the cancer cell, it is the microbes inside the cancer cells that actually cause cancer.

How Do The Pleomorphic Microbes Cause Cancer?
Before explaining how these microbes cause cancer we need to talk a little about cell biology.
The energy in a cell comes from a molecule called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is made inside the mitochondria of the cell. There are thousands of mitochondria inside of every human cell.
The sequence of how a normal cell makes ATP molecules can be summarized in these steps:
1) Glucose enters inside the cell,
2) The glucose is converted into a molecule called: pyruvate,
3) Pyruvate enters inside the mitochondria,
4) Once inside the mitochondria the "Citic Acid Cycle" (aka Krebs Cycle) begins its long chemical chain-reaction (i.e. "cycle"),
5) About half-way through the Citric Acid Cycle another chain reaction spins off which is called the Electron Transport Chain (ETC),
6) The Citric Acid Cycle and the ETC create the vast majority of the ATP molecules which are made inside the cell. ATP is the "battery" of every cell.
So what happens when the "cancer microbe" gets inside of a normal cell?
Three key things happen when a microbe is able to get inside of a normal cell:
First, the microbe starts to divide,
Second, because microbes consume huge amounts of glucose the microbes intercept a growing amount of the glucose (by "eating" the glucose) as they continue to divide,
Third, because there is less glucose there is less pyruvate. Because there is less pyruvate there are less ATP molecules made. The energy of the cell drops.
Several cancer treatments work by lowering the number of ATP molecules in every cell. In a normal cell, lowering the ATP energy a little does not harm them. But in a cancer cell, lowering the ATP energy can literally kill them, causing them to fall apart.
But that is not the only way that pleomorphic microbes cause cancer. Microbes excrete mycotoxins, which are highly acidic and worthless molecules.
Thus, the mitochrondia, instead of swimming in a sea of pyruvate are swimming in a sea of highly acidic mycotoxins. All of this happens because one or more "cancer microbes" get inside of a normal cell!!
As a result of the microbes intercepting glucose and excreting mycotoxins the cell because cancerous and as long as the microbes are there the cell cannot revert into a normal cell.
Inside the newly formed cancer cells the production of ATP molecules comes to a virtual halt and the cell must revert to fermentation to get even a little energy. A Nobel Prize was awarded in the 1930s for the discovery that cancer cells use fermentation to get their energy.
It is also possible the microbes reduce the amount of oxygen in the cell (oxygen is also necessary for the Krebs Cycle and ETC). As one possible way, cancer cells have a very thick protein coating on them. This protein coating may be there to block too much oxygen from getting inside the cell. Microbes do not like oxygen and microbes are responsible for the creation of this thick protein coating. The possibility that the thick protein coating blocks oxygen, however, is only a theory (of the ICRF researcher who developed the above model).
The cancer spreads largely via cell division. When a cancer cell divides, both daughter cells have microbes inside of them.

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