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HERE IS WHY NEW GONE WON'T WORK.. I pray it does but it won't!

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HERE IS WHY NEW GONE WON'T WORK.. I pray it does but it won't!

Post  cakelady on Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:34 pm

The old Gone was pulled because of the FDA scare that came out the first of June.
It's all a bunch of scare tatics but the liability could kill the company. You will never
hear this from the company but they HAVE TO... pull a Bill Clinton and deny everything!
You can read all the FDA stuff on this site... Mexico pulled the product because of
labeling problems... nothing else.
One of the key ingredients come out of Cuba... the US doesn't trade with Cuba so we
can't get the ingredient but Mexico can. This product has been in Mexico and Cuba for
over 25 years. THIS STUFF IS INCREDIBLE TO SAY THE LEAST. Now can there be side
effects... sure. If you are alergic to codine don't take some cough medicines. You can
read all about this on the site. One side effect you will get is PAIN RELIEF.
I hope and pray the Gone company comes up with the same product in Gone 3 as this
product is because we can then have pain relief and earn money in the mlm. But I'm
thinking the odds are about like winning the lottery. For now while we wait here is where
you can find information and buy the product you are looking for. I was turned in because
people were mad they might lose a downline member, instead of caring about helping people,
so Pay Pal told me to take their pay method off the site. I've dealt with them on another
online item I have sold for about 10 years... all because of the FDA BS scare tatics.
I know 100% that this is the original Gone tablets... When we get our RV... I'll probably
just give them to you!!! GO RV GO RV.. here is my site where you can get information
and order: call me if you want... phone on site. Denis

PS. I had about 350 people in my downline and I'll probably lose all of them... but if a
product no loner works... NO ONE WILL BUY IT. Helping is more important than the money
because the money won't be here anyway. I'm not telling people it works when the new
Gone doesn't... Come on RV because I need the money.. Denis


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Post  Dautch on Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:51 pm

Hey Denis,

Thank you for the update. I am the same way............if I can't get any positive results using a product, I can't recommend it to anyone. I'm an honest person that has no problems sleeping at night because I treat people the way I would want to be treated. I have 2 bottles coming from the people. I'll be able to evaluate this very soon.

Thanks for the honest info.



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