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All Natives need to keep watch on these lists

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All Natives need to keep watch on these lists

Post  MISPLACEDBUCKEYE on Tue Dec 02, 2014 7:16 am

All Natives need to keep watch on these lists to make sure none of our families are listed from any branch of our family trees. There are now 3 lists All Natives need to look at to make sure none of your family tree is listed....All of these people on this list dead or alive continue to own Trust land and have an active IIM Account. The office that handles the IIM Accounts for all Natives in this country called OST Office has lost contact with all these people for what ever reason. Many have passed away or moved and forgot to tell the office. When I first found this list 3 years ago I found 4 of my own family listed. The problem was they all have been in heaven for over 75 years. There is a Tribes list also on that website but be warned the Tribal OST office might or might not have an updated list or even have a listing...but at top of website under the word REGIONS you can search Tribe list. I have found names on one list but not the other so be sure to look at all lists completely and all kinds of spellings as they have made many mistakes The most important update there is a deadline and anyone left on this list is losing their land and IIM Accounts to the US Gov. This is the number listed on the website to get your name off this list...1-888-678-6836... There is possibly 2 lists on that link the Main list and then the Tribes list or the fiduciary officer at the Tribe OST office Then there is a 3rd list .... Cobell v. Salazar Class Action Website It is very important to look at all branches of your family tree not just next of kin. Look at all kinds of spellings as they have made many mistakes. Look at all lists completely as they have names scattered all over these lists especially the main list and not in alphabetical order If any name looks close it is worth the call to find out before the deadline. This is the main OST WAU list link....… this next one is the Cobell settlement link.....…/PersonSearch.aspx… IIM Search Results
IIM Search Results
IIM Search Results
Gerald Warner
Gerald Warner

If you see any of these that might be family dead or alive it is well worth the call to find out. You will need some verifying info to check like Tribe, birth date, death cert and date, enrollment# or allotment#.

Don't be to stressed about getting those as they can be found online
IIM Search Results
IIM Search Results

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