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I am doing a special pipe ceremony

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I am doing a special pipe ceremony

Post  MISPLACEDBUCKEYE on Mon Oct 27, 2014 10:57 pm

Tonight I am doing a special pipe ceremony and sage smudging for all our suicide victims when life is full of darkness and we don't have a chance to see the light at the end of the tunnel they feel alone and do the extreme to fix it not that they want to but feel they have no other choices to fix the depression. I pray to you Creator for these lost souls and the events leading to their passing as we all know depression leaves little choices but dear Creator we know this isn't true and that when you speak out for help their is help there for everyone. Please open your hearts to these ones suffering depression don't turn your backs in their time of need it is up to us all to be there for one another and to get the help these youths need. A suicide isn't a cowards way out it's a failure to get the help needed for these youth. I pray dear Creator as a parent,Uncle,Veteran, that we all work together to end this problem with suicide may we all recognize the need to help one another and put in place proper teachings showing how to get proper help and give these youth a hope to believe. I pray to you Creator for the family,friends,school mates and community that you touch them with strength,love,understanding and healing during this dark and tough time in the wake of any suicide on this earth please I ask dear Creator for you to guide us all. With a heavy heart I sing for these victims of suicide and pray loudly we stand together for all who suffer depression.

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Agreed !!!

Post  skylady on Tue Oct 28, 2014 2:34 am

"I am with you Buckeye in your prayers"

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