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another day to enjoy the beauty

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another day to enjoy the beauty

Post  MISPLACEDBUCKEYE on Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:14 am

Dear Creator we start by thanking you for giving us another day to enjoy the beauty of being here for another day. Dear Creator we pray for all those who have had surgery we pray for a speedy recovery,healing and strength in recovery. We pray dear Creator for those who suffer in silence with mental health issues,Illnesses and Addictions may your guide them with your passion,healing,strength and let them all know these dark times do come back to the light you provide us in life. We pray dear Creator for all the spirits that have crossed over and sing the Mi'kmaq Honour song for these spirits and for their families left here on Mother Earth mourning their losses give them love,strength and condolence for their loss of loved ones. I take this time to pray to you dear Creator for the family,friends,powwow family and elders/teachers all over to have you give them good health and happiness in their day. I pray to the Creator for our survivors of conflicts of war,residential schools and protests of environmental protest may you keep them all close, strengthen them all,keep them safe and give them all great health to continue their journeys. I sing Tearful Honour for all my Nitapg (all my friends) for good health,love and strength in their lives.

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