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Years ago around the Pocono area

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Years ago around the Pocono area

Post  MISPLACEDBUCKEYE on Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:06 am

Years ago around the Pocono area the Creator was about to finish his creation with man. And
all the animals got together and they were thinking "Wait a minute." We think this man is a
bad idea. Lets go talk to the Creator about this.” Now there was a gre
at powerful spirit named
MeesinK. And they said “Meesink, you are pretty powerful. Would you go up to the Creator
for us and would you ask him not to make man?” Meesink goes “Yes I would.” So he went up
to the Creator’s door and he knocked and Creator
said, “Come in.” so Meesink came in and
said “Creator, you know we love you, you know we love your creation. And he said “Creator
we know that man is going to dig in the earth; he is going to pollute the rivers, the blood of the
earth. Hhe is going t
o chop down all the trees; he is going to dirty up the air. Creator we
would never question you, but on this one we are asking you, please Creator, don’t create man.”
The Creator said “Meesink, I see the logic of what you say but I have a deeper unders
So I will tell you this, What we will do is we will have a contest. Whoever moves that
mountain the farthest, that’s whose decision we will go with. If you win then I won’t create
man, and if I win I will create man.” So they decided that th
ey would stand with their backs to
the mountain.
And first it was Meesink’s turn. So Mesink, he was using
every bit of his
The mountain did not move an inch. Then it was the Creator’s turn. And the
moment it was the Creator’s turn Meesin
k heard a whoosh by his ear. And as he heard that
noise he turned his face and the mountain smacked him right in the side of the head. Smashed
his face all in, made him all crooked on top, and gave him wrinkles where his skin was smooth.
At that moment,
Meesink said “Creator, I see that I was wrong to question your wisdom. They
will need the deer for their food; they will need the deer for their bedding, for their clothing.
They are going to use every part of the deer. Creator, these men that you a
re about to create
they will need the deer. Please put me in charge of the woodlands where they live. I will make
sure that man will always have the deer." And Me
esing has been true to his word. To this day

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