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"Example of Exchange Appointment Questions to Ask" by DebTarHeelGirl

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"Example of Exchange Appointment Questions to Ask" by DebTarHeelGirl

Post  ..journey on Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:23 am

"Example of Exchange Apt. Questions to Ask" by DebTarHeelGirl


Revised, Suggested CE Apt. Info and Questions to Ask by DebTarHeelGirl
Originally posted on 6/29/2014

DebTarHeelGirl: Due to so many folks emailing me and asking me “what should I ask at my bank apt?”,  I have compiled all the many lists we’ve seen throughout the years and simplified it for what we feel is needed currently when you go to your CE Appointment:  

Good Luck and God Bless You all:


1. Can You Show Me The Rates On The Screen Please?

2. Can You Assist Me With Reserves/Layaways And How Does That Process Work? (Have all your reserve/Layaway receipts with you)

3. If I Come Back To Exchange More Can I Lock In This Rate?

4. Is There An Exchange Window If I Have More Currency To Exchange?
5. Can I Exchange With My LLC, IBC Or Trust?

6. Am I Exchanging Into Federal Reserve Notes ($) Or Treasury Notes TRNs?

7. I Do Not Want To Co-mingle Different Currencies And Would Like Separate Accounts Opened For Each Currency.

8. What Type Of Bank Accounts Do You Have Available?

9. Can You Explain To Me How The Following Bank Accounts Operate?

A. Non Interest Bearing Accounts

B. Multi Currency Accounts

C. Multiple Currency Accounts

D. (The Different Types Available)

E. Interest Bearing Accounts

10. What Amount Am I Required To Leave In Each Account?

11. What Are My Checking & Savings Account Options?

12. What Kind Of Savings Interest Rates Will You Offer?

13. What Other Products And Services Will Be Provided To Me Today With These Accounts?

14. What Are The Fees Associated With These Bank Accounts?

15. Does Your Bank Have A Wealth & Trust Division Separate From The Retail Side Of The Bank?

16. I Need ___ Certified Checks Made Payable To (abcd) Can You Assist Me?  (Have Your List Ready For Any Bill Payouts – For Cars, Call and Get A Printed Copy Of Your Payout Amounts etc Ahead Of Time.)

17. Will Loans And  Lines Of Credit Be Provided?

18. Is This Account Active To Receive Bank Wires Now? (Explain The Process)

19. Please Go Over All Of The Documents With Me I Will Be Signing?

20. How Are My Deposits Protected Against Bank Collapse, Government Theft, And Bank Theft?

21. What Type Of Credit Cards And Debit Cards Do I Qualify For Now?

22. If I Have Questions Tomorrow Who Do I Need To Contact?

23. Is This Currency Exchange Taxable,  If So What Is The Rate Of The Tax?

24. Will This Transaction Be Reported To FINCEN?

25. Can You Explain To Me How Your FINCEN Reporting Works?

26. Tell Me About Your Online Banking

(Note: Only With Your ISP Protected Should You Transact ANY Online Banking –

27. Is My Money Protected Against Devaluation Of The USD?

28. What Are the Key Points Of The NDA (If Applicable)

29. What Is The Cost To Execute Trades, Bonds, Etc?

Other Important Items:

With My Brokerage Account I Need To Be Sure All Trades Must Be Authorized By Me. (Option)

Can I Have A Copy Of The Documents For My Legal Team

Please Flag These Accounts = Not Be Used In Testing, Training or Production.

I Would Like To Order 30 Clean And Clear Certificates, Willing To Pay The Legal Department Extra Fee

( Note: This post is for informational purposes only.  It is not legal, tax or investment advice.  Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)

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