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Who Do You Really Know After This Is Over? ~ Freeway Bill .....7/28/2014

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Who Do You Really Know After This Is Over? ~ Freeway Bill .....7/28/2014

Post  .dinarmama7 on Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:15 pm

This is important information! Please be cautious!


Who Do You Really Know After This Is Over? ~ Freeway Bill .....7/28/2014

As much as I care about all of you, it would be wrong for me not to address this subject prior to this blessing arriving..............

You all have made many friends during this journey. Many of you have became so close that you have become "best friends" and "family" ...... but have you?

Please remember that the screen names that you talk to on a daily or even an hourly basis throughout this journey are also people that you have never met, you are not sure who they really are or if they are the type of person they say they are. As horrific as you are thinking this just could not be, it certainly can be.
I have come in contact with thousands of people during this journey. I have shared my time with many of you. I have prayed for you and with you about your problems, your struggles, etc. for hours at times.

I would love to think that all of you are the exact people that you claim to be and I would hope that through thousands of post, chats and conference calls, you would trust that I am who I claim to be. But YOU DON'T KNOW FOR SURE and that can be DANGEROUS post RV!

I can tell you that the day the RV really happens, the "FREEWAY BILL" screen name will never be seen again! Why? Because, even though I honestly love and care about all of you, I could never subject my family being my wife, my children and grandchildren to any kind of danger of being approached, compromised in any way.....

Yes, I have several people that I have a trusting relationship with that I will continue after this is all over. But these are people that I know their real name, I know where they live and I know them well enough to do this.

They know my real name, where I live and who I really am. But that is less than a dozen people out of thousands of you. I am pleading with you to take the same approach...... The little old lady you have talked to for years may be some 30 year old hustler that is waiting for the big score from many of you.....

Once this happens, my telephone number that hundreds of you have will be gone. My email address that thousands of you have will be gone.

Is this too much to keep my family safe? Absolutely not! And as you should be anonymous in your departure, you should be the same in your giving and in your community. Making it known that you are now RICH is the worst thing you can do.

I am setting up my funding accounts hundreds of miles from where I live. No nosy teller or accounting person in my local banks is going to have access to my net worth and they should not have yours either. I don't want to receive this blessing and then have it be the very thing that ruins my life and that of my family.


The only way you can do all three is to do what you have to do to remain "off the grid" in your community money wise.... Donating a million dollars to your church in your name tells everyone that you are loaded and a big target for nasty things.

Bequeath your church all you want in the name of an anonymous foundation that pays the church annual payments. Your ego cannot be so big that you would take the chance of detroying your private life... GIVE FORWARD and let them wonder where it came from.... let them believe the truth.... that they received this blessing from a Godly person which encourages them to do the same.

A name on a plaque is just that .... a name on a cheap plaque that will give you a warm feeling for days or months but could cause you problems forever...

I am coming to you in what may very well be the last time (we pray) so I have to make it count...

The news you are hearing are half truths! The movement you are reading about are half truths! But, do you really think anyone knows enough to lay 100% truth on you? The great thing is that there is enough truth in what you are hearing and reading to be very excited about the progress that has been made in the past few months and KNOW that you are closer to the day you have been waiting on now than ever before IMHO!

The RATES don't matter! I promise you it will be enough to curl your hair....(for those that have any) No INTEL here, NO HOPIUM! Just ingredients that based on what I know to be true and mix that with what COULD be true tells me to look toward the heavens and be encouraged...

If this happens before you hear from me again, have a great life and I charge you, in the name of all that is holy to follow through with all of the promises you have made with what you would do to help others after this is over. Only GOD and you will know, but that is enough for me...


Today, my 102 year old Uncle died and entered into the kingdom.... I envy him very much.....





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