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Post  sednet1 on Fri May 23, 2014 5:39 pm

Date: [Thu, 30 Apr 2009 22:04:04 -0700]
From: Dr. Robert O. Young
To: Rich Aydelott

Subject: Ephraim Kubai's Story - Aggressive Cancer Gone In 4 Weeks
Dear Rich,

I am 61 years old and live in BC Canada. During my annual medical evaluation in
January 2008, my PSA was 6.7. When it was repeated in June 2008,it had gone up
to 7.6 and my GP referred me to a Urologist for further evaluation. The
Urologist recommended a biopsy which was done in September. Prior to the biopsy,
my PSA was 9.1. The biopsy results were out in October and revealed a Gleason
score of 4+4=8.

This is said to be an aggressive type of prostate cancer. The Urologist staged
me at T1C and recommended hormone therapy to give me time to decide on course of
action to take. I received Suprafact hormonal therapy on November 3, 2008 and
further injections were scheduled every 3 months. The idea of hormonal therapy
was dropped when I started seeking alternative ways of healing and I did not and
have not taken any more injections.

In January 2008, I sought second opinion from another Urologist and a Radiation
Oncologist. I also did a bone scan and a CT scan and the results of both tests
ruled out spread of the disease outside the prostate. The doctors gave me two
choices i.e. surgical removal of the prostate or external beam radiotherapy and
both procedures carried the risk of serious side effects. Furthermore, there was
no guarantee that the disease would be completely eliminated after either of
those procedures. The doctors also ruled out any possibility of treating the
disease by natural means.

At this point my cancer turned into fear, which I refused to accept because I
wanted and needed hope. The more I researched about alternative ways of
treatment, the more I was convinced that it was possible to give the body a
chance to heal itself through lifestyle and dietary change.

As I was struggling with what to do, my wife asked me whether I would be willing
to seek medical help from the USA and gave me a book "The pH Miracle" by Dr.
Robert O. Young. As I read this book and the various testimonies by people who
had been healed, I became more hopeful and the fear that had gripped me since
the diagnosis started to dissipate.

I immediately made a phone call to the office of Dr. Young and arranged a
meeting for January 25, 2009. Dr. Young viewed my live and dried blood, which
revealed the negative impact of many years of eating acidic food. He immediately
recommended that I start an alkalizing cleansing protocol and a complete change
of my lifestyle by following a strict alkalizing diet. Vegetables, non-sugar
fruits (avocado, cucumber, bell peppers, tomatoes, lemon & lime), tofu, spelt,
good fats and lots alkaline water replaced sugar, animal food products, milk,
processed foods, bad fats, sugary fruits & acidic water that were wreaking havoc
to my body.

After a short 4 weeks, my PSA came down from a high of 9.1 to 1 and the live and
dried blood cell analysis revealed that my healing was at an advanced stage.

I took a few sessions of lymphatic massage and I played golf and worked out in
the gym regularly. I am sleeping much better now and my wife tells me that I
don't snore anymore.

It is now 3 months since I drastically changed my lifestyle and diet and my PSA
has come down to 0.81.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Young and his wife Shelley for opening the way to
healing naturally and saving me the agony of conventional medical procedures
fully loaded with devastating side effects.

What I know for sure is that Dr. Young is right: When the fish is sick one
should change the water and not the fish, as conventional medicine would like us
to do.

Thank you Dr. Young and God bless you.

Ephraim Kubai
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