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Date: [Sun, 22 Mar 2009 22:03:16 -0700]
From: Dr. Robert O. Young
To: Rich Aydelott

Subject: Reversing A Cancerous or Acidic Condition Without Surgery, Chemo or Radiation
Dear Rich,

The following is a wonderful and courageous story of an incredible woman who
reversed her cancerous or acidic condition using the pH Miracle Diet and
Lifestyle. Her name is Kim Tinkham and you can contact her at:

And without further adieu, Kim Tinkham:

I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer two days before my fiftieth
birthday. When I heard the diagnosis I was stunned. I was not what I thought a
cancer victim looked like. I mean, people who came down with cancer smoked
cigarettes, drank hard liquor, ate lots of meat, worked around asbestos or
radiation, none of which I did.

I will admit that during the earlier part of my life I had smoked cigarettes, I
had drunk hard liquor, and I had tried an all protein diet for about two weeks
until my heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest. I am sure
that at some time I had been around asbestos and I had even suffered through a
couple of mammograms which added radiation to my body. But at the time, I was
living what I thought was a fairly healthy life.

I was nearing fifty, so I figured that it was normal for my hair to start
thinning a bit. My skin was becoming drier, but that's, of course, why
moisturizers are made. I didn't sleep much at night (I was proud of my
workaholic tendencies), and those hot flashes were getting hotter and more
frequent throughout the day and night. But I was almost fifty. That's normal,

A year prior to my diagnosis I had felt a lump in my breast after a morning
shower. I chalked it up to too much caffeine and gave up the coffee for about
two weeks and the lump went away. That lump came back a couple more times during
the year and disappeared after I changed something I was drinking or eating.

But around Thanksgiving 2006, the lump came back and I didn't change anything
about what I was doing during the holidays. I told myself that I would tackle it
after Christmas. The holidays came and went but the lump stayed. When January
rolled around, I got so busy that I told myself that I would deal with it later.

In mid January I decided that I needed to find out what it was and I went to a
doctor friend of mine. She took a look at it and scheduled me for a mammogram
the following week. I figured they would just do the mammogram and realize that
it was just a cyst and tell me not to worry about it.

The first set of mammograms didn't come out clear enough and they had to run a
second set the same day. By the time I was finished with the mammograms, the
lump was red and hot and painful. I won't bore you with the details that

I will just jump to the day two week after my mammogram when another doctor sat
down to tell me that all the tests that they had run confirmed that I, in fact,
had cancer and it was a stage three. He wanted to schedule me for surgery
immediately. He handed me the cards of a couple of surgeons, an oncologist and
a cosmetic reconstructive surgeon. He told me to contact all of these people
and keep in touch with him. I remember nodding my head okay, walking out of his
office and starting my drive home.

The minute I turned the ignition key on in my truck, I started down a path that
would change my life forever. Somewhere inside me I knew that I had brought
this 'cancer' on myself. I had always believed that the human body was designed
to heal itself if given the right tools. I just hadn't given it the right
tools. I had to find what the right tools were. My path to self healing landed
me on the Oprah Winfrey show in a short time in March of 2007. The Oprah show
was a springboard for me and helped me reach doctors and researchers that I may
not have been able to reach on my own.

I worked with massage therapists, reflexologists, nutritionists and energy
healers. I ordered crystals to take away negative energy and balance my chakras.
I learned to reinvent myself. During all this, I continued to get thermoscans
that measured the heat in my body. I was seeing a slight decrease in heat (my
research had taught me that cancer emits heat), but I still wasn't where I
wanted to be. I talked to alternative researchers from all over the world
regarding cancer. Nothing opens the door faster than "I was on the Oprah Show".
There was only one person out of the 30 or more that I called who did not take
or return my call. They all shared their findings with me and wished me luck.

Occasionally I would talk to a doctor who expressed concern about my decision
and my delay in getting western medical treatment. I would always ask them one
question, "what caused my cancer?" Not one doctor could tell me. My logic told
me that if they didn't know what caused it, how could they know the best way to
treat it or how to make sure that it would never come back.

The clock was ticking; it was now mid July and I knew I was getting somewhere,
but I wasn't there yet. Each day I continued searching for new information.

One day I stumbled across a website that talked about alkaline versus acid. On
the website it talked about a Dr. Robert O. Young, a nutritional microbiologist
in California. I emailed his office about where I was and what I was looking
for and received an email back from Dr. Young's assistant, Dr. Patrick Sobota.
Within hours we were speaking over the phone. Within 24 hours, I was speaking
to Dr. Young. After 45 minutes on the phone with him I knew I had found the
answers and the protocol that I was looking for.

How did I know that this was my answer? Dr. Young was able to answer my
questions about, "what causes cancer."

I followed Dr. Young's protocol for three months. I then made arrangements to
have my blood tested again and to visit Dr. Young in California in order to have
him conduct a live blood cell analysis for me. Before my trip to see him, I had
lab blood tests run for cancer markers. They all came back clear. Dr. Young
was able to explain many details about the quality of my blood and my overall
constitution. He also reconfirmed the lab test results with his live and dried
blood cell analysis. No cancer.

I am still on this journey to continue my healing. I have permanently changed
my understanding of food and nutrition and my lifestyle. I am healthy, happy
and have never felt better in my life. I was diagnosed with stage three breast
cancer on February 5, 2007 and was pronounced cancer free November 4th, 2007.
Nine months.

Why is this number of nine months so significant? I have a son. My body was
able to create another human being in nine months. Why not perfect my blood
with healthy nutrition and create a new me in nine month's time?

In order to heal yourself from any disease, you must think differently and try
to understand the true nature of your body and your responsibility to it. I
believe that I am witness to the remarkable healing power of the human body and
the ability of the body to heal itself if given the right tools. Doctor Young
and his pH Miracle Program were the tools I needed to bring my body back into
its natural healthy state.

Thank you, Dr. Young.

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I trust you'll enjoy this...

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'Miracles happen not in opposition to nature, but in
opposition to what we know of nature.' St.

'Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic' ....Arthur C. Clarke

'There are only two ways to live your life. One, is as
though there are no miracles. The other is as
though everything is a miracle.' Albert Einstein

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