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Post  Pipster on Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:07 pm

Hey Okie, hope you are well...I found you through the Dinar Recaps side bar. Hello my good sir!......The commentary is a tad "hyper" over on that site and quite frankly, I was going to unsubscribe but I have enjoyed your "posts" over the last year or so.
As an investment, I purchased Dinar nearly 2 years ago, as a 2 -5 year investment.
Economically, in my humble opinion, I don't think Iraq is quite ready to revalue their currency at this point. Not to be a downer or naysayer.
Logically there is no compelling reason that I see, or "they" see to revalue their currency. I wish there was.
Okie, you know this equation.... being an Oil man
Weak currency = strong commodity prices. Shabibi is happy with the value of the currency. He said that 2 years ago Aug 2010 in Jackson Hole Wyo when he spoke.
Lets face it ...he wouldn't elude to anything different.
Kind of a moot point but Look at what is happening with virtually all commodity prices as our Fed continues to print money and inflate and dilute the dollar.
Several countries have begun to "unpeg" the dollar form their currencies and economies, and I am concerned that this conundrum will not help our investment for some time. I know you think differently on this matter from some "intel" you recently received, and thats cool. I am glad to write you.
The hedge in the near term seems to be silver and gold for me......I hope I am wrong with my "perceived" time line...... by a few years. lol
Take care Okie. I wanted to give you my perspective...since you are "the voice of reason" in many of these blogs I read.
I hope I get to meet you some day soon!
Blessings from Colorado...Gods country


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