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How to Use Listerine Mouthwash For Backyard Mosquito Control

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How to Use Listerine Mouthwash For Backyard Mosquito Control

Post  SpecialAgentGibbs on Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:19 pm

I can use Listerine mouthwash for backyard mosquito control? Who knew? I always love testing out unusual or unconventional solutions to everyday problems, and I am also one of those people that are nearly sucked dry by mosquitoes every summer. When it comes to mosquitoes, I will (and have) tried everything. This helpful hint certainly caught my attention. But, wait a minute; isn't this just some silly urban myth? Many people will insist that Listerine mouthwash is not an effective method of gaining mosquito control. However, I personally found the results to be significant. My advice: Give it a shot. What do you have to lose but a couple of bucks? (Plus, it will leave your backyard feeling "minty" fresh!)


1 Could it be true?
Decide for yourself. The active ingredient in Listerine is derived from natural eucalyptus oil, which has been clinically proven to repel mosquitoes, so there's at least a little bit of "science" behind this idea. Will Listerine mouthwash really work for overall backyard mosquito control? You be the judge.

2 Try original formula Listerine.
Pick up a big bottle of Listerine Mouthwash and a spray bottle if you don't already have these items at home. Think of it this way: If it works, you'll be using it to wage war against those pesky mosquitoes all the time. If you don't think it's helping with your backyard mosquito control needs, then you're still in luck - you'll be all set to add a little something extra to your oral hygiene regimen.

3 Spray where mosquitoes are a problem.
Fill the spray bottle with the Listerine mouthwash and mist it (full strength) around the desired area. Now, you're not going to use this like you would a traditional mosquito repellent - you will not be spraying the Listerine on yourself. If you're trying to achieve backyard mosquito control, the way to go about this is to spray it around doors, windows, on the deck itself, and even around areas where there is standing water (which mosquitoes love).

4 Fresh breath, and fewer backyard mosquitoes!
Spray again, as needed and become a master of backyard mosquito control - using plain old Listerine mouthwash!

Tips & Warnings

Original formula Listerine is said to work best, though this has not been verified.

When using Listerine as a mosquito repellant, use the same caution you normally would. Do not spray directly on people, pets, fine antique linens, or imported leather upholstery. Common sense says you probably don't want to spray it directly on that fussy plant that is actually thriving. And, as always... avoid the eyes, folks!

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