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Post  ..journey on Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:06 pm

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Greed can cloud the judgments of many. Sometimes this is done without the intentions of greed itself, but it is running ramped on the scenes today. If you are following the Currency Reset and other changes taking place that we all are hoping and praying come about, you will understand this more. If not this is still a good read for those who have ANYONE that comes into your lives offering you something better! Normally these always come with a price that is attached to the papers you give your John/Jane Hancock to.

Let’s get SMART and not just go off and sign anything just because it SOUNDS great. Let’s not just go off and sign things just because we TRUST those that we listen to or have been around. Trust is one thing, and by human nature we feel bad within if we VET those we trust to ensure they are not trying to swindle us. Almost as if we are being two faced! Some of the best con artists are those that you grow close to and TRUST. History shows this in many stories you read. So don’t feel bad for letting someone know you are checking them out to ensure you are NOT getting taken for a ride. Those who are not trying to SWINDLE you will have NOTHING TO HIDE and will NOT OBJECT to this. I will provide some websites you can use to do such things. It really only requires their name, a birth date or address and you can find anything you want on the internet.

Remember if it sounds too good to be true, most of the time it is.

I also expect to get some nasty comments on here, most likely by those involved with the possible swindling. Just watch them, you will see. Of course since I said this they might not, but most of the time they do. It is a tactic to attempt to discredit someone else’s information. Just for your sake of mind, please remember this:


So if you watch people you will notice their true nature shine through when people don’t agree with them. They get NASTY and start spitting their anger at others. Most of the time this is done when they are being discredited and they have to keep a handle on those that are still following them, and believing their every word. They will use tactics like, “It’s the Cabal” or “They don’t know what we are talking about” or “They just don’t want you to gain anything” or start talking nasty and telling you things about the other person that are just plain lies. Remember those that are usually hiding things will always SPEAK THE LOUDEST! Actions will not match that which they speak though, for the most part. I have watched this with many. One minute following one thing, the next saying it’s BS when it does not suit their agenda. In the long run they basically USE everyone they can to further boost their own agenda. When those people catch on, they may call and leave nasty messages for them, or try and discredit them in various ways through social media.. One thing I have always learned is those that sit back and watch the action with little words about it, are usually the ones being attacked and know that in the end; those who are following will end up knowing after they have been rung out to dry, without a penny to call their own.

So let’s get to the meat of this. This is the latest that is running around.

This was copied from a comment on a social media site. I will not mention who it was who posted it but just say they stated it was sent to them from a friend.

Sent to me (anonymous poster I won’t name) by a very good smart friend

Anonymous wrote:

Desperation makes people do many strange things, pursue money, jostle for position and accept outlandish propositions and proposals for the chance of acquiring wealth, position and fortune.

The lure of double dipping is such juicy bait. It’s no wonder that at the end of this ride, purposely muddled with smoke and misdirection, through all this confusion and distraction, it is here, at the end that the sharks are feeding in a frenzy of scams and fake claims of access to a privileged route.

The restrictive, limited POA agreement and NDA being presented by PIF, Fisherman, Carol Beams AKA Carol A. Doyle and their acolytes and associates should be approached with extreme caution.

Those already hooked can’t help themselves due to the double bind nature of this restrictive agreement – you can’t complain, you can’t litigate, you will accept whatever you are given with this agreement whereby you relinquish all control over all your currencies in a limited POA, you are bound for 10yr period, giving up forever, all legal redress against anything which goes wrong. Their agreement which doesn’t even specify a rate is a trap for the unwary and is as dodgy as they come.

These desperate and good people who are on the hook can’t even complain and renegotiate without contravening their NDA agreement, someone must open their eyes and that someone is you.

Perhaps enough exposure will bring some sense to this agreement and these underhand characters will have it amended or risk further exposure and sanction. If they continue, there will be sanction on these individuals but they think they are smart and wily hiding behind legalese and a so called green light from
Homeland Security. They need to amend this agreement to at least a version which will not be so restrictive and misleading and stipulate the back out procedure and fail safes.

I have read many of the NDA’s and group agreements; I wouldn’t touch this one with someone else’s barge pole. Be wise and wake up. Don’t let these scam artists marauding as helpful and socially upward elitists to hoodwink good people.

Post their agreement and speak out – knock some sense into to your fellow Dinarian friends – so you all can walk away with your money; do it before it’s too late.

Those hooked, you have already given your personal contact details, passports, waivers etc. limited POA’s etc etc. get out while you can before you lose the lot. Were you not supposed to be in the bank already?

There will always be risk takers, let them play, but for the gullible – wanting to get your money – soonest, you will be on another ride – if you have the time reads the agreement – really read it –

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Here are the papers being passed around,

To read more click on link -

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Post  Tndr on Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:05 pm

I have never posted here before...actually signed up only a few weeks ago to broaden perspectives. I am a member of TNT and notice the names PIF and Fisherman in the above post.

There was a member on TNT who brazenly offered in chat, within 10 minutes of Tony's call today a group deal right there on chat....claiming they were UST sanctioned, too! It was ridiculous and smelled real bad. Needless to say the member was banned and deleted from the site.

Back to PIF and Fisherman......I think I know (not personally but through the TNT forum) Who PIF is....he used to go by SPGURU but changed his online name to PIF (pay it forward) when he claimed to have exchanged as one of the elites in Nov., then joined in on conference calls with Loechin. Is this the same PIF? And this the Fisherman1 that just left the TNT site? something strange happened a couple of days ago and he was banned or left on his own.....just wondering.

In any case, be careful and protect your position. Thank you for the post and to allow my sharing.


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Is this statement true or not?

Post  abqrob on Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:47 am

Is this statement from Dave Schmidt true or not?

"I had invited a special guest to be on the program tonight, Okie, who is posted on a regular basis on the dinar blogs.  I talked with him after the program and he is going to make his own statement to be posted on the blogs sites.  But what I stated is true, he was going to come on the air but his life was threatened.  I will let his statement stand for itself".

TNT Tony said Okie knew nothing of being invited on Dave Schmidt's radio show and his life was never threatened.

Okie, it is important, who's version is correct.

Thank you


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Post  zoomzoom on Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:28 am

If this is a swindle, then why is the strict NDA a problem. If they have committed a crime there is no NDA that will protect them.


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Post  ..journey on Thu Apr 03, 2014 12:51 pm



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