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Iraq's City of Fallujah FALLS to Al-Qaeda Militants

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Iraq's City of Fallujah FALLS to Al-Qaeda Militants Empty Iraq's City of Fallujah FALLS to Al-Qaeda Militants

Post  Painterman7 on Sat Jan 04, 2014 12:58 pm

Such sad news coming out of Iraq since January 1st. First Reuters news posted on Jan.1st how close to 8000 civilians died in 2013, the largest loss of life in Iraq since 2008. Now Fallujah has fallen. Do any of YOU REMEMBER that name? Fallujah is where we LOST MANY soldiers in fighting to get that city, now it is gone again. Iraq is in trouble, and and sadly, once again the people will suffer. In regards to the RV, that is nothing compared to the loss of human life, and for us to EVEN THINK what we hear all the time about it being done, banks having rates, Elite cashing out, does the word REALITY mean anything anymore? Reality, NONE of it IS true, WAS true and 2013 was a year we should call, "ARE WE THERE YET YEAR"?

Fallujah (Iraq) (AFP) - Iraq has lost Fallujah to Al-Qaeda-linked fighters, a senior security official said Saturday, putting militants back in control of a city where American forces repeatedly battled insurgents

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