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Post  Cindieloohoo on Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:23 pm

[~Pitbull] For the record: It is a fact that 2 mods, (SpiritualWarrior& Pitbull) from OOM have met with Generals64. We found him to be very kind-hearted and open to seeing the masses blessed. Though his list was closed, he arranged for OOM to have a separate list that would also be presented to the bank. The Generals64 has gone above and beyond to see to it that those that missed out on his list would still have access to private placement rates. This has come at NO personal benefit or financial gain, but rather great cost to him, SpiritualWarrior & Pitbull. Please note that OOM has no “donate button”. Those that have been listening to the fear mongering that Tony has put out about Okie being threatened have been severely misinformed. Not only did Tony betray Okie’s confidence, but he has also misinterpreted and even fabricated information to sensationalize his calls. It has always been of the highest priority for us to be a blessing to Okie and to advise him in ways that would be for his own personal safety, as so many others have used his name and his access to the masses to further their own cause. What was arranged with the Generals64 was to the benefit of all of OOM. SpiritualWarrior, Pitbull nor Okie has any back door deal to get any more than you. Okie has always had a heart to see to it that those of OOM were taken care of and blessed. This list accomplished those objectives. I hope you can appreciate our desire to be anonymous. We, unlike many, have no need for the spotlight. We were content to have had access to be a blessing to thousands. Only because of the lies that Tony has put on the air regarding 2 mods from OOM, has it become necessary, for the safety of the other dedicated mods from OOM, for us to come forward. I have never spoken with Tony. While I hold no personal malice toward him, I do hate what he has done to Okie, Generals64, SpiritualWarrior and myself. Most of the positive things that are going on, happen behind the scenes. We don’t need a daily conference call to let you know that we are working for you. We do, however, ask for your prayers and caution in the future, as you hear the latest and greatest scuttlebutt. God forbid that anyone else has to endure the threats, lies and character assassinations that we have. We sincerely hope that DinarRecaps will publish this response to that which was previously deemed fit to publish without vetting. As usually is the case, there are two sides to every story.
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