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Post  PoppaD on Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:13 pm

The question is “how are you going to respond?"

All of us need to be prepared.  Post CE, ALL of us are going to receive e-mails or private or public admonishments by our friends, family or acquaintances from every walk of life.  

“WHY didn’t you tell me?”  “You mean you were invested in the IQD/VND all this time and you NEVER told ME about it?”  “I drank coffee with you every …”  “I thought we were friends…”   “But we are family…”  “You know I would have invested at least $100, if you had just mentioned…”  “Why, why, why…?   Twenty years from now, these people may still ask us these questions.

Friends, be prepared with a response to every group: family, friends, church family and acquaintances from every walk of life.  Unless you plan on living a life of seclusion and never buy that new house, new car, new toys, continue working at your 8-5 job every day, never take multiple vacations, etc… some of your family, friends, church family and acquaintances from every walk of life are going to know that you were invested.  

Sooner or later you will have to have an answer for your new-found wealth or new-found independent life or new-found change in life of no worries and no fear.  
How many times do new friends or people you are introduced to ask “So what do you do?” or “So, where do you work?”.  These questions and more will come.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that no one will ever find out or realize some kind of one your ships came in.  If you now have any family, friends, church family, the teller at the bank, etc… that has any sense at all; one or more of these will figure it out sooner or later.  I for one, choose not to live a life of seclusion.  I will not let my soon-to-be prosperous life make me a prisoner.  High security will be priority one but I will be prepared with a response.

There will be some people who are happy for you but there will be others who will be angry and will be hateful.  It is usually the ones we love the most that can hurt us the most.  A total stranger’s hate-filled speech doesn’t deserve a response to put us in the position to even cause us stress.  Stress kills.  It is one of the enemy’s most potent weapons.  
Don’t let a stranger’s comment about your soon-to-be prosperous way of life much less a family or friend’s comment catch you off-guard.  Be prepared.

The question is “how are you going to respond?  Respond in love and have a plan.


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Post  ddenver on Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:28 am

Great advice. Thank you. Something to think about and be prepared. Appreciate the advice PoppaD. Blessings to you and yours.


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Have a Plan and an Answer

Post  blessedforever on Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:26 pm

Thanks. That is exactly what we have been acting on. We believe our Stewardship responsibility will be our firm foundation.
Lord what do you want us to do here? will be THE question.

I believe this wealth transfer (coming from God's hand to ours to preach the Gospel) will come with some persecution.
I am so thankful that you brought this up PoppaD, so that we can prepare ourselves in advance. The enemy will make sure of it -to try and use anyone he can to bring stress on us.

With this new promotion, I am getting more committed spiritually, making sure my armour is in tact daily Eph 6:11-20-my feet is shod with the gospel(word of God) of Peace at all times (morning noon and night) Apply the Blood on every situation, Use my angel, Use the Name of Jesus, Get plenty of Rest so I can hear the leading of the Holy Ghost, and give Praise and Thanksgiving for this Awesome Blessing. blessedforever


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No worries and no fear?

Post  redgreen on Tue Jul 30, 2013 6:04 pm

" change in life of no worries and no fear."

I feel to warn Dinarians that if you expect a "life of no worries and no fear..." you have a HUGE disappointment awaiting you--unless you KEEP IT A SECRET!

I have worked with and around a number of wealthy people during my life, and most of them live a life of DAILY worry and fear, primarily fear that they, or one of their family will be abducted and held for ransom--and killed thereafter.  One of them, a publicity hog with a gigantic ego, experienced having his son kidnapped and held for ransom.  His ordeal worked out because the kidnapper was just plain stupid, but that was just luck.  There are lots of plain stupid people out there who see the easy way to get money is to take it from someone else.  Don't let them know you have the money they want.

I observed that these wealthy people dealt with their constant fears differently.  Some chose seclusion and secrecy, becoming prisoners to their wealth.  Others hired security guards, drove cars with tinted windows, avoided crowds, sent their children to private schools, and were protected 24/7.  Their homes were fortresses in many ways.  In all cases, their wealth became a public fact, intentionally or through no fault of their own.  Some made the mistake of seeking fame to accompany their wealth.  It was an irrevocable mistake.

I've known others, on the other hand, whose wealth was a complete secret.  As a very young banker (an honorable profession, no matter what the current target of hate happens to be), I was asked by my boss to join him for lunch with an incredibly wealthy man.  When my boss asked him why he lived in such a small house and drove such an old car, he explained his need to be safe.  He also explained that he could only wear one pair of shoes at a time, sleep in one bed at a time, and drive one car at a time.  He had more than he needed, but he kept it a secret. When he provided a financial statement to the bank, he only listed enough assets to qualify him for the interim financing he needed for his next project.  In fact, he ended up pledging some shares of a blue-chip stock to collateralize his loan, never disclosing his total portfolio or net worth.  Even his banker did not know the extent of his wealth.

From the window of my business, I can see the edge of one of the pieces of property another rich acquaintance once owned.  It was around 50 acres, located in a suburb of the city.  People drove by it every day thinking it was an old farmhouse surrounded by declining orchards and overgrown gardens.  In fact, his home was worth millions.  I went to his funeral recently, and no one had a clue how wealthy he was because he kept it a secret.  He was also a stingy old man who left his fortune to a very greedy family, anxious to plunder the old man's loot.  It won't last long in their hands.  His legacy is not a good one.

Another wealthy man made sure his children went to college, became professionals, and were prepared to build their own successful careers.  They each learned how to live on a budget and get by with as little as possible.  When they inherited his fortune, they were established in a "normal" lifestyle, not accustomed to someone else's wealth.  All of them are still "normal" people, and their wealth is still a secret.

See the pattern here?  SECRECY IS SAFETY.

Now, let's consider another perspective.  Imagine that no one knows you are wealthy.  You can go anywhere and do anything, safely and anonymously, without people turning and pointing at you.  In your anonymity, you may be lucky enough to encounter good people in need.  You will secretly arrange to help them through their troubles, using the services of a trusted banker, lawyer, or religious leader, maybe someone you work with on a regular basis.  They will never know it is you and they are never "indebted" to you.  You will never be embarassed by them fawning over you or being in your debt.  They will never know, and that's the best thing for both of you.  Trust me: it is a very satisfying feeling to use your wealth for good, but doing so anonymously.  It is more empowering than you can imagine until you have experienced it for yourself. By the way, this same secrecy applies to giving to your church. It should be anonymous.

There was a wonderful (comprehensive) list of suggestions from Sambo and DebTarHeelGal posted here sometime ago. Maybe they'll put it up again.  It should provide adequate guidance to those wise enough to use it.  There are lots of ways to remain safe, anonymous, and effectively protect your wealth.  The basis rule is to keep it a secret. The rest is just detail.  Be prepared for it.  

Oh be wise. What can I say more? Let he who has ears listen.

My best to you all,

Red Green

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Post  doc on Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:10 pm

If most people abide by this excellent advice, then there will be great joy in their respective lives, otherwise, they will live in a perpetual prison of sorts! There is no amount of money that can be exchanged for that! A heeded word, is like a savory elixir to one's soul!


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i think we're getting close

Post  oldtimer on Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:46 pm

i was listening to Magellan and he think's we're close. I was listening to his short call on


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