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Can't log in on cell phone

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Can't log in on cell phone

Post  FieldOfDreams on Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:41 pm

I am having trouble logging into the chat and forum on my cell phone. I get a message that says "access denied". I was in the chat room late last night, and it was fine. I didn't say a word to anyone either in the chat, or in pm, so if it's a ban, I have no idea why. I did click on Jester's Facebook link he put in chat, but he had permission to post it, and everyone was saying the page was good, so that's why I clicked on it.
If I connect my phone to our wifi at home, I am able to get in fine, but I mainly use it when I'm away from home to check in, so it's on my data service. As well, I can log in fine on my laptop at home. I have the same ID and password on both the cell phone and laptop. Can you check and see if someone with a similar IP as my cell data service got banned last night or today that is overlapping mine, or if I got banned, please explain why? Thank you so much for your help. . . FieldOfDreams


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