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CASH-IN PLAN (in 4 Parts) - By Historian

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CASH-IN PLAN (in 4 Parts) - By Historian

Post  .dinarmama7 on Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:58 pm

CASH-IN PLAN (in 4 Parts) By: Historian


This Cash-In Plan walks you through some tasks and decisions you may need to address to prepare for cash-in. It is organized in steps from now to the time you set up Advisors (attorney, accountant, etc.). After that, your Advisors will help you plan cash-in and secure your new wealth, so you only need to make the first part of the journey on your own. Historian

Note: This Cash-In Plan assumes that the IQD rate at RV will stay the same for some time or increase, and that it will not decrease within the first 12 months (the latter would require a different plan.)

3 BIG STEPS TO CASH-IN (that you must take on your own
Step 1: Your Transition - Organize funds to cover 6 months of expenses and activities

Step 2: Your Wealth - Estimate your profit and wealth BEFORE you select your Advisors

Step 3: Your Advisors - Select Advisors who specialize in your wealth level and click with you


IN PLAN - STEP 3 (Part 4 of 4)

STEP 3: YOUR ADVISORS - Select Advisors who specialize in your level of wealth and “click” with you

In Step 3, you select YOUR ADVISORS and work with them to develop your Cash-In Plan. Following this, you will proceed with the bulk of your cash-in. You need to know all of the information in Steps 1 and 2 in order to select the right Advisors.


Not all Advisors are equally qualified to help you. You need Advisors who are well versed in assisting clients with needs and considerations that are similar to your own. This is because:

- they are deeply familiar with the laws and rules that will most affect you

- they have perfected their theories on many clients (you will not be a guinea pig)

- they know how to work with laws and rules to maximize the PROFIT from your cash-in

- they know how to help you minimize taxes and manage your wealth year after year, so that you can achieve and maintain the life that you want


a) Interview your Advisors:

You have set aside $10K to $25K to set up your entire legal and financial structure

- DO NOT tell the Advisors you interview that this is your budget

- Always come across as a well-heeled penny pincher

- DO NOT tell the Advisors you interview all your details

- Give them a high-level overview with ball park figures

- Make sure you interview at least 3 candidates for each Advisory role

- Look for Advisors who understand what YOU want (and do not push their views)

- DO NOT sign any documents that charge you for a FREE consultation

- DO NOT sign or pay for any documents or analyses you did not ask for

- DO NOT accept any offers that appear to be generous "free" analyses

- If you retain this Advisor, you may be charged later for the service

- Once you have agreed on the specific services, you will likely need to sign a contract or form agreeing to these services. Read all the fine print, and make sure you understand absolutely everything that is described. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification. Your Advisors will respect you and give you better service.

b) Select your Advisors

Make sure your team can work with each other; they should not be “flying solo”.

At the very least, your attorney and accountant MUST work as a team.

- Ask the attorney if he/she can recommend a good tax accountant – the attorney will often already have accountants they prefer to work with; make sure it is because the accountant understands the legal work (what the attorney needs)

- Do the same with the tax accountant – ask him/her about a good attorney

- This will help you create a team that will work together to help you

c) Give all the information in Steps 1 and 2 to your selected Advisors

Have them set up your legal and financial structure, and your Cash-In Plan (e.g. the accountant may want you to delay cash-in if it changes your tax %). The Cash-In Plan should include:

- where to cash in

- how much to cash-in at a time

- when to do it

- where to deposit it - into which part of your structure (trust, corporation/LLC)

- other advice

Make sure both your attorney and accountant agree with your Cash-In Plan.



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