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Don’t get sick and die while waiting for the RV!!!!

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Don’t get sick and die while waiting for the RV!!!!

Post  achievepubs on Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:32 am

Don’t get sick and die while waiting for the RV!!!!

Keeping your body a strong as it can be so that it can withstand the emotional stress and strain of waiting for the RV is vital.  It’s literally a matter of life or death!  Our body/soul/spirit work together.  When one is weak it depends more on the other parts.  If the other parts are weak too, then health leaves and sickness and disease take control.

Keep your body strong by providing it with the nutrients it needs to fight the onslaught of emotions.  A good starting point is minerals.  The root of most diseases is mineral deficiency.  Every organ in our bodies needs minerals to rebuild and maintain its function.

Another term for mineral deficiency is ACIDOSIS.  It is the root cause of many of the illnesses people suffer with in USA.  If you are not familiar with this, please visit our site where we have several articles about it to help people understand.  

An excellent mineral is MinCol.  Unique to any other, it has 66 minerals in colloidal form for easy absorption by the body.  There are other nutrients available, but for all around mineral supplementation, this one has much of what our bodies need and it is very economical too.  Please visit our site to learn more.  

Please stay healthy so you can enjoy your wealth!  A lack of minerals makes your body vulnerable during times of stress and poor dietary choices.  Give your body what it needs to stay alive!


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