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Help with Shingles, from TNT's Okielady

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Help with Shingles, from TNT's Okielady Empty Help with Shingles, from TNT's Okielady

Post  claraCO3 on Fri May 01, 2015 10:25 pm

Could someone please get this information to Okie or anyone else suffering from shingles.

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I would like to get this info to Okie, (and others suffering from shingles).
I suffered from a horrible case of shingles for aprox 2 weeks and was so miserable and desperate to find something to cure them. I have been using natural therapies for many years so I did some research and put this combination together because I knew them to be powerful healers.
What I did was I would spray them with colloidal silver, let dry, then I would make a paste of olive leaf tea, manuka honey, and turmeric. I would slather this paste over the lesions and leave on untill it dried and flaked off. I would repeat this throughout the day to keep them covered. I was also drinking the turmeric, (anti inflammatory that helps the pain and calms the nerve endings), in milk with black pepper several times a day, (pepper makes the turmeric more absorbable), aka golden milk. I took the silver orally as well, an oz every few hrs, then I also sipped on olive leaf tea with the manuka honey throughout the day.
All pain was gone after 2 days and the shingles were drying up and where completely healed in a week.
Other than the turmeric paste being a bit messy, it is a very easy treatment. I just kept my bed and chair covered with sheets and wore loose old clothes that didn't matter if got stained.
All these ingredients together have anti viral, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, and anti fungal properties. This treatment treats the body inside and out and worked so quickly it amazed me. I truly believe the Lord led me to this because I could not afford to see a doctor at the time and had all these ingredients on hand.
I worked as a nurse and respiratory therapist for years and seen many suffer with shingles but until I had it myself I did not realize just how painful and debilitating they can be. Mine covered the lower left side of my face, neck, and chest and wrapped from front to back.
I was going through other health issues and much stress that I believe brought them on as I understand Okie is going through currently.
I have never had another problem since then and continue to drink olive leaf tea, colloidal silver, and golden milk off and on to boost my immune system and to keep from catching any bugs going around.
I hope that someone will please give Okie this info and pray that he will try this and also for his complete healing.
God bless, Okielady


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Help with Shingles, from TNT's Okielady Empty Re: Help with Shingles, from TNT's Okielady

Post  .dinarmama7 on Sat May 02, 2015 11:49 am

Thank you for the post. I passed it on to him.



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